Rules & Regulations for St. John the Baptist Cemetery

Article One: Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Section 1: Ownership. The lands of the cemetery shall be held in the name of the Congregation of St. John the Baptist. Interment rights shall be offered to active parishioners registered as members of the congregation with a maximum of four (4) interment rights per family. The board reserves the right to allow additional space when family circumstance warrants consideration.

Section 2: Purchase. Interment right constitutes one (1) gravesite. Interment rights shall be offered at a price set by the board and said sum shall be paid in full at the time of purchase and prior to burial thereon. No purchase of any interment right shall be construed as a reservation for purchase of another such right.

Section 3: When an owner of interment rights desires to relinquish said rights, the option to repurchase such rights shall be made to St. John the Baptist Cemetery Association. When rights are repurchased by St. John the Baptist Cemetery Association, the cost to the association will be no more than the original purchase price.

Section 4: Transfer of ownership or rights must be made through St. John the Baptist Cemetery Association according to Handbook of Rules and Regulations of Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Section 5: Monuments. Individual grave markers may be placed on each grave provided they have a cement foundation and provide a four (4) inch wash all around. The foundation for a marker must be a minimum of eighteen (18) inches in depth and for a monument a minimum of thirty (30) inches in depth. Only granite gravestones with a maximum height of 30 inches will be allowed. The board prior to being done must approve all setting of stones and monuments. 

Military plaques may only be affixed to the back of granite monuments that have been cut smooth to receive a flush mount military issued brass plaque. Irregular quarried surfaces on a granite marker cannot receive a military plaque. The only acceptable installation for a military plaque is flush mount to the ground on an appropriately sized concrete slab in line with the other neighboring headstones.

Section 6: Fences, hedges, shrubbery, trees and enclosures of interment rights are prohibited.

Article Two: Perpetual Care

Purchase price will go to the cemetery association to be divided evenly between perpetual care and interment rights funds in accordance with the requirements of state law.

St. Francis Xavier & St. John the Baptist Parishes 2014