Catholic Resources

Milwaukee Archdiocesan Synod newsletters.

The Vatican’s official website. Much of the content has an English page, but it won’t hurt to know some Italian!

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. This is a rich website with statements regarding beliefs, teachings, stances on current issues, news about the Church, and prayer and devotionals.

Phat Catholic was created by a catechist named Nicholas Hardesty. Here you can find answers to questions that you may have pondered in the form of a Catholic Q&A series. You can also find various prayers, the author's personal conversion story to the Catholic faith, links to countless other Catholic bloggers, along with a wealth of Catholic documents and Catechetical Materials. This website is a great resource for any Catholic and offers you a wealth of knowledge to protect you against the wickedness and snares of the devil.

A dynamic and fascinating blog mainly written by Monsignor Charles Pope of the Archdioses of Washington (DC). There are articles that focus on the weekly scripture readings, but there are other articles during the week on topical issues of faith.

This website boats an amazing Catholic encyclopedia and library which is a great reference guide for any Catholic whether you need to reference something quick or you want to do some serious research on a religious subject. This website also contains a wealth of recent articles and papers written by various academics and journalists that pertain to things going on within the Catholic Community. This website is a great place to get all of your recent Catholic news. is the homepage for Catholic Answers magazine and offers you an inside look at new Christian music, an indepth look into the magazine, along with information about various presentations that will take place around the country such as a talk by Leah Darrow entitled "From Top Model to Role Model- Leah's Witness Talk" and Jason Evert's "Romance Without Regret". Make sure to check out the videos and audio files that discuss many different topics that often effect all of us from morality to evangelizing.

The National Catholic Youth Choir is seeking high school singers to apply for the 13th season choral camp and multi-state tour held from June 12 to June 27 of 2012. Apply at the link. Applications are due March 19th, 2012. Students should be entering grades 10, 11, or 12 in the fall of 2012.

This is the personal website of Dr. Ray Guarendi, a father of 10, clinical psychologist, author, public speaker, and nationally syndicated radio host.Here you can listen to Dr. Ray's insightful broadcasts, buy his books, and find out where he's going to be speaking. Dr. Ray is an excellent resource for all families, offering amazing insights into the family dynamic and marriage.

This website offers a wealth of Catholic Resources for the Bible, Liturgy, Art, and Theology with links to upcoming presentations around the country about the Birth of Jesus and his life, the book of Revelation, along with many more topics. This is a site for all Catholics to be familiar with. 

Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Living Our Faith is an initiative launched by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in December 2007 that: 

 • Invites people to Meet Christ. 

 • Teaches people to Know Christ. 

 • Inspires people to Live Christ by serving Him and others.

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